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The "Fallas" are a very important celebration in the Valencian Community, celebrated between the 15th - 19th of March in honour of Saint Jose.  Like the city of Valencia, Benidorm honours San José with the "Fallas" - a festival of nightly street parties and rowdy fireworks. Three giant papier-mâché statues are erected and then ceremoniously burned to the ground on the final evening.

The Fallas commission work all year round raising money to enable them to build the best monument they can afford.  In Benidorm there are usually 3 large Fallas erected accompanied by 3 childrens Fallas, these are known as Central Falla, Rincon Falla and Els Tolls Falla and are constructed by - and placed in - the different districts of Benidorm. The areas try to outdo each other with their huge and elaborate designs and often use the statues to poke fun at local celebrities and politicians.  The highlight of the event is the burning (known as the "crema") of the Fallas which takes place on the 19th March.  This tradition is quite difficult for some people to understand, as these beautiful statues are simply burnt to the ground, however this is tradition spanning many years as it is believed that the burning drives away bad spirits when the spring arrives.  At first old furniture was burnt then in later years the celebration changed to the more popular and commonly know "Fallas".

The fallas commissions work tirelessly throughout the year to raise funds and construct the most beautiful monuments they can and improve on the previous years "Fallas".  This is an event not to be missed.

Programme of Events – Benidorm Fallas 2017

Wednesday 15th March - "PLANTÀ" - SETTING-UP DAY

The three Fallas (Benidorm Centre, Rincón de Loix and Els Tolls), will carry out the “Plantà” (setting-up) of the Fallas, throughout the day.


10:30 – Rincón de Loix Falla, the Fallas Counsel get together to welcome the music band “L’Illa de Benidorm” before beginning the visits between the different Fallas.
17:00 – Parade in the Rincón de Loix Falla, where they will welcome the visitors from the other two Fallas.
23:00 – New for 2017 – Night parade with the “Charranga Nardo” brass band in the Benidorm Centre Falla.

Saturday 18th March - "DESPERTÀ" - THE AWAKENING

Everybody will be woken up to the sound of fire crackers!

08:00 – Els Tolls
08:00 – Rincón de Loix
08:30 – The BIG awakening in Benidorm Centre

12:00 – Members of each Falla will parade around their local streets with music bands.

18:00 – Members of the three Fallas will join together to offer flowers to the Patron Saints of Benidorm (San Jaime and the Virgin del Sufragio). Everybody will meet at the Benidorm Centre Falla and will head towards the church in the Old Town. At the end of the flower offering, there will be a beautiful firework display. Not to be missed!


Everybody will be woken up once again to the sound of fire crackers!

08:00 – Els Tolls
08:00 – Rincón de Loix
08:30 – The BIG awakening in Benidorm Centre

14:00 – "La Gran Mascletà" (EXTREME fire bangers!) This will take place in the Plaza Triangular. Not to be missed!

18:30 – The float parade begins in the Parque de Elche (Dove Park), heads up the Av. Almendros, down the Calle Ruzafa, and finishes on the Plaza Triangular.


The bonfires begin in the Rincón de Loix, next in the Benidorm Centre and finally in Els Tolls.

Tel: Benidorm offices 966 811 123, UK 0121 2880070
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



"PLANTÁ" (setting up) of the Falla:

Falla Benidorm Centro: Plaza de la Hispanidad.

Falla Rincón: Av. Ametlla de Mar (opposite Burguer King).

Falla Els Tolls: Tomás Ortuño street.


08:30. "DESPERTÀ" (everyone will wake up with the sound of firecrackers), in the streets surrounding the Falla “Benidorm Centro”.

10:30 h. Parade of the band “L´Illa de Benidorm”, by the streets around the Falla “Rincón de Loix”. Afterwards, parade of Falla “Rincón de Loix” to visit Falla “Benidorm Centro” and then, both Fallas, will go marching to Falla “Els Tolls”.

12:00 h. Parade of Falla “Els Tolls”, around their quarter.

17:00 h. Parade of Falla “Rincón de Loix” around their quarter.

17:30 h. Parade of Falla “Els Tolls” to visit Falla “Benidorm Centro” and, afterwards, both Fallas will go visit the Falla “Rincón de Loix”.


08:00. "DESPERTÀ", in the streets surrounding the “Falla Rincón de Loix.”

08:30. "DESPERTÀ", in the streets surrounding the Falla “Benidorm Centro”.

12:00 h. Parade of the Falla “Rincón de Loix”, and the Falla “Els Tolls” around their respective quarters.

12:30 h. Parade of the Falla “Benidorm Centro”, around their quarter.

17:30 h. FLOWER OFFERING to the Virgin of the Suffrage and Saint James, with the participation of the three Fallas. They will meet at Av. Europa / Av. Mediterráneo.

ITINERARY: Av. Mediterráneo, Doctor Pérez Llorca, Martinez Alejos, Plaza de la Cruz, Alameda, Mayor and Plaza de San Jaime. There will be a BIG FIREWORK DISPLAY after the offering.

SATURDAY 19TH MARCH: Saint Joseph´s Day

08:00 – 08:30 h. "DESPERTÀ", on the streets surrounding the three Fallas.

12:00 h. Religious service, in honour of Saint Joseph.

Falla Els Tolls: Buen Pastor Church.

Falla Rincón: Nuestra Señora del Mar Church.

13:00 h. Falla “Benidorm Centro”. Religious service, in honour of Saint Joseph, at Saint James Church.

14:00 h. MAGNIFICENT "MASCLETÁ" (firecrackers sound show) at Falla “Benidorm Centro” (Plaza de la Hispanidad), Falla “Els Tolls” (Tomás Ortuño street) and Falla “Rincón de Loix” (Av. Mediterráneo).

18:00 h. BIG PARADE OF FLOATS, with the participation of the three Fallas. ITINERARY: Av. Juan Fuster Zaragoza, Av. Ametlla de Mar and Av. Mediterráneo, ending at Plaza de la Hispanidad.

23:00 h. "CREMÁ" (Bonfire) of the children Fallas: Benidorm Centro, Rincón de Loix and Els Tolls.

00:00 h. "CREMÁ" of the Falla “Rincón de Loix”.

00:30 h. "CREMÁ" of the Falla “Benidorm Centro”.

01:00 h. "CREMÁ" of the Falla “Els Tolls”.

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  • Schedule: 19th March (annually)
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